Each office can decide how to archive content that did not get migrated to Planet 4. Greenpeace International, however, did a full backup of all sites and made their content available via both P4 integration and external sources.

Greenpeace content represents our history, how we have become the world’s largest environmental organization.

Where to find archived content

Greenpeace P3 sites

Each P3 website has been crawled in the Internet Archive. This static HTML collection of sites represents the main Archive of Greenpeace content since we started publishing on the web.

Greenpeace Archive Collection

All P3 Documents G-Drive

All pdf, xls, xlsx, doc, docx, ppt and pptx ever uploaded on our websites have been extracted into a Google Drive, split by file type and year. A Greenpeace Google ID is required to access the folder.

1997-2018 Docs Google Drive

Images / Videos

The Greenpeace Media Library (fully integrated with Planet 4) remains the best place to access, browse and get the amazing visual history of Greenpeace.

Go to the Greenpeace Media Library

Among P4 Search results

With one click, the Planet 4 – Archive integration allows users to access P3 content right from the P4 search. This feature can be enable in Production, Staging or Dev sites (or all 3 of course).

Master the P4 – Archive integration

Why archiving?

Once completed the content audit, it’s clear what content needs to be migrated to P4 or archived.

The content non migrated to P4 must remain available for everyone to access for ever. This way Greenpeace has a new, clean and light website, without loosing its institutional, historical content.

Archived content can not be edited and should not be actively pushed to the public. It represents our legacy, not a tool to actively campaign. 

The Greenpeace collection in the Internet Archive

1 – Each Planet 3 site has been crawled 3 times by the Internet Archive.

2 – All P3 sites are accessible in the Greenpeace Collection of the Internet Archive.  

3 – The full list of P3 Archived domains is available to everyone

What has happened to archived content?

The P4 < > Internet Archive integration

Full instructions on setup at Planet 4 Search and below a quick intro video

Other archival options

The GPI Content Archive investigation (accessible to GP Staff only, for privacy and compliance reasons), has indicted that the most common format for archived content are:

This content can either be stored on Greenpeace or vendor (Software As A Service – SAAS) servers, depending on the choice of the office. Here’s two examples:

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