The P4 team is currently running some changes to the site. Please be aware that you might be redirected to some other sources on the world wide web or you will find the content you are looking for in another format. If you notice anything missing, please let us know in the p4-general Slack channel. Thank you!


#1 Check migrated content in STAGING. Report. Redo.

This is what will happen step-by-step:

  1. GPI P4 Development (Dev) team migrates content in staging
  2. NRO team checks the migrated content in staging to find errors and report them back to Dev team.
    • Guess where? Yes, Feedback on P3 > P4 migration will happen in your NRO Content Audit file itself!
  3. GPI Dev team checks the errors
  4. GPI Dev team fixes what can be fixed and indicates the rest as “needs manual fixing once we migrate to production
  5. Steps 1-4 gets repeated as many times needed (until no other automatic fixes can be done and/or no new errors found)
  6. GPI Dev team migrates content in production
  7. NRO team fixes manually in PRODUCTION what the magic script cannot
  • KEY INFO >> Once all errors are fixed, the LAST script will be run to migrate content from Planet 3 to Planet 4 PRODUCTION. Here’s where manual fixes will have to take place.


Here’s a few things to be checked in the various iterations of the migration script:

The development team will focus on fixing bugs only related to content not being migrated completely (this including text, images, and pdfs) but not styling. As mentioned, the script can automate up to a certain point, after which a few inconsistencies will need manually fixing. Below, you will find help for manual fixes which might be needed.


KEY INFO >> the migration of content does not create content exactly the same as in P3. P4 is a different system with a different theme, CSS classes and styling, therefore it is impossible with the current script to match every single piece of content of different type, for every NRO to the P4 styling.




#2 Fix migrated content in PRODUCTION


KEY INFO >> FIXING migrated content will take place after the LAST script has been run, so in Planet 4 PRODUCTION 


Replace images

Migrated photos from P3 or smaller than 1140 px width need to be changed to meet P4 requirements. Here’s how:

P3 migrated photo

P4 photo


Remove unwanted images in P4


Fix Videos

If the migrated videos are not the recommended size, then they have to be manually removed and re-added. As a reminder, we use 16:9 aspect ratio in our video format. Try wherever possible to keep the resolution high. These are the sizes we recommend.

More information on how to add a video in a post here.


Fix weird fonts

If any of the paragraphs appear in a different font, especially after migrating content from P3 to P4, click on the `Text` version of the body and delete the `<div> </div>` elements at the beginning and end of a phrase/ paragraph.



<div>Greenpeace International has commissioned a new investigation that delves even further into the hazardous chemicals used in the production of high street fashion, going beyond previous investigations in China and Mexico. This latest report builds on the Detox campaign’s work, which reveals how textile manufacturing is a major contributor to water pollution in the Global South.</div>




Fix aligned paragraphs

Remove the <p> tags from inside the <li> tags or the &nbsp line breaks.




<span style=”font-weight: 400;”>The fundamental business model of social media companies like Facebook poses some serious concerns. Their goal is to collect as much personal information on individuals as possible and then use this information to sell highly targeted advertising to companies.  Worldwide there is very little understanding of what exactly they collected, little regulation and little known about the consequences on democracy.</span>



#3 – Coordinate creation of P4 NEW Content

Alongside checking the migrated content, you should start to prepare the content to be reviewed and migrated.


In the “Content Review and Migration” file (here a template), the “P4 NEW PAGES” tab will help you organize the new content you have to create.

The “P4 NewPages” tab of the New Zealand migration file


Here is how the statuses for the signing off process work:


Map redirects before go live

As a LAST exercise of the Deployment phase, you should extract all the URLs of your Planet 4 site and map them down in a Google Sheet. This is useful for 2 reasons:

  1. Perform a very last quality check if all content has been migrated correctly
  2. Identify internal redirects to be implemented


See Master URLs, Links, Page Parenting and redirects for more info


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