The Basics

The P4 journey started 2 years ago. A few clear ideas drive our everyday work to change the way people do online activism at Greenpeace.

An engagement platform

P4 is Greenpeace’s engagement system that has the potential to interface with the greatest number of people. Check how the tool fits within the broader organizational vision.

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A fresh style

Everything from fonts to colours has been reviewed and refreshed, to modernise Greenpeace’s web presence and make the site look awesome.

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P4 was created using archetypes and personas, but these are not final. Let’s see what we need to change and help each other improve P4 while moving forward.

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Form Day 1, Planet 4 has always been a fully-open project. It is fully open because we want to give back to the sector, rely on the broader community and firmly believe in the transparency of our actions.

A fully open P4

Design Principles

Four principles drive the platform concept. Use them to ensure that your design and content is consistent with the goals of the website.

Greenpeace has your back

Aligning with the Framework and the 7 Shifts, Planet 4 aims to help Greenpeace audiences to take action. While Greenpeace is certainly present, the organization takes a step back to allow others to be the hero.

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People Power is Social

Greenpeace helps you motivate and be motivated by the people who matter most. The platform helps people act alongside others. It provides a way to allow audiences to share skills with and find guidance from each other.

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Clear Vision and Action

A clear vision means that we share a positive vision of the future and give you visibility into the why and how of getting there. We will meet people where they are, using social applications to integrate online campaign initiatives.

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Change is Everywhere

While campaigns may be global, every location has unique motivations and meaning. This platform will help identify local opportunities for changemaking. This means geographically, but also local to where people are online .

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Audience & Archetypes

Throughout the development of Planet 4, we generated a variety of user types to guide design decisions. We recommend thinking about the Stewards and Connected Evangelists when creating outward facing content and Webbies when thinking about internal workflows and documentation.

When creating or updating content on a Planet 4 website, keep in mind who you are writing for and try to convince those audiences to take action.

Guiding Questions

These questions should help you to deepen the engagement with the current audience and extend our reach to new ones. Consider asking yourself these questions when you are creating new features and content.


The P4 Concept (video) 

We’re building an engagement platform, not a website. Learn what that means in the video below or check the slides

The P4 Design (video)

We put together a creative concept entitled “Shedding Light”, presented in the video below.

This concept brought diagonal elements into play that led the user through the content, just like rays of light passing through trees, water and clouds. It also juxtaposed images of people and the environment ensuring that we see that people are part of the solution.

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