Why a content audit?

Not all your Planet 4 content will have to be re-written anew. Some content can be imported directly from Planet 3, using a script. This is why one of the first steps is to assess what you want to migrate, delete or archive.

  • KEY INFO >> Content audit, Sitemap, sign-off of new content and URL mapping can be done in one Google Sheet, the “Content Review and migration” (here a template)


A snapshot of the New Zealand P3 Audit


The output of the audit exercise is a list of links that will be migrated form P3 to P4. Each page to be migrated must contain:


#1 – Extract your P3 Sitemap

To start the audit of your existing Greenpeace website, you should extract the existing sitemaps and start assessing which content you want to migrate / archive / rewrite or delete.

An extraction of all the Planet 3 sitemaps has already been done for all the NROs, here’s 2 ways to to convert an .xml sitemap into a Google Sheet format


Use Excel (offline method)

You can also extract the sitemap all by yourself of course:

  1. Extract your NRO Sitemap
  2. Save Page as .xml file
  3. Open it with Excel
  4. USE “”REPLACE”” command in the Edit Menu to clean up P3 Sitemaps from weird text before URLs (e.g. from  <loc>http://www.greenpeace.org/austria/de/themen/</loc>   to http://www.greenpeace.org/austria/de/themen/ ) “
  5. Save the file as an Excel Workbook
  6. Select all, Copy and Paste it in your NRO P4 Implementation Google Sheet (see a template here)

7. Apply filters to dispatch content in the different tabs (see section The P3 Content Audit, below)


Use xml converter then excel (online method)

There are a lot of onlione sitemap converters, these 2 are the most popular:

Once downloaded your a .csv sitemap, all you need to do is to import the full list in your “Content review & migration” file.

Xmlgrid.net is a cool online tool that allows you to export your P3 sitemap



#2 – Start the Audit

  • KEY INFO >>  No content audit, no content migration from P3 to P4.       


As mentioned, everything will have to be cone in the “Content review and migration” Google Sheet (here a template). This document is divided in tabs:

First, let’s understand the columns of each tab:

  • KEY INFO >>  NO  VIDEO content can be migrated from P3 to P4. Images and pdf can be migrated but it could be that images need some readjustments. Video content has to be re-created once the content have been migrated to Staging, see >>  Migrating from P3


#3 – Deliver the audit

The output of the audit exercise is a list of links that will be migrated form P3 to P4. Each page to be migrated must contain:

Note: “Year’ and “Unique Pageviews” are sample metrics to help NROs with their decisions on which content migrate or not. Shall other metrics be more relevant to you, please change / integrate them. For the migration, it is important to provide the IT team the following information: link from P3, title and tags for P4.


Use Analytics to take decisions

Log in to the Google Analytics account connected to your NRO`s website, go to Behavior ->  Site Content -> All pages.

>>  Save time! Here’s a Report template (adjust your domain!)

Select a time period (one solar year of data it’s enough).

Add in the search box on the right (circled in red in the image above) the part of the URL indicating a basket content (we used /international/en/campaigns/forests/ for the P4 Prototype) or the content type (/international/en/news/Blogs/makingwaves/ for the P4 Prototype).

Depending on the NRO`s website structure, you can export results by campaign or by content types.  At the bottom of the page, select rows and choose a number which loads as much content results as you want to see.

To export the results, go to the top of the page (as indicated in the image below) and exports the results to a spreadsheet and then copy paste the information you need in the template it was provided in your NRO template document.

To check information for a specific piece of content, search it in the results by the blog id or part of the URL.

Standard P3 Unique pageviews Google Analytics template

The next step is to assess which pages you should NOT migrate since they are not attracting enough traffic to keep them active. As a general recommendation, a page getting less than 30 pageviews within a year is not worth being migrated.



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