Each Planet4 environment has the ability to have nro specific tests, that will run only on that site.

The purpose of these test is multiple:

a) To test if any customisations done by NRO developers are working as they should

b) To test if the latest planet4 release works together with the NRO customisations

To create tests for your site you have to do the following:

1) In your planet4-nro repository, create a folder called “tests” , like the example in the Netherlands repository

2) Inside that directory, write tests, following the Codeception syntax, in php files.

You can read more about tests at our DockerCompose testing readme.


Some relevant info:

Example of failed tests on the release workflow. The hold-promote job that would usually allow you to deploy to production is not triggered, as it is blocked by the test-release job failing


Example of successful tests on the release workflow. Tests succeeded, so hold-promote is available.