As a developer you want to see and demo your changes to the develop site before pushing them to release or production.

To do that, you have to do the following:

Assuming you are working your child theme which is already on packagist (similar process for any custom plugins)

1) Your code must be in a branch in your repository. For example, the name of your branch is “feature/something-cool”

2) Check Packagist that your branch appears there. Please note that packagist adds the prefix “dev-“, so your feature will appear as “dev-feature/something-cool”

3) In your planet4-nro repository, modify the child-theme line (or add one for your new plugin) like that:
“greenpeace/planet4-child-theme-mynro” : “dev-feature/something-cool”

4) Push your changes

5) Go to CircleCI, find the workflows for your nro (Url should be: ) and wait to see that the develop/develop job has finished running (it will take around 10 minutes).

6) Check that your changes appear in your develop website. Note: Please make sure to remove that line from your release branch of your planet4-nro before you try to push it to production.