For each Greenpeace website, we create three actual sites : Production, Staging/release, develop

KEY INFO – Every 1st of each month at 01:10 am CET, a script automatically syncs the database from Production > Staging and Production > Develop. There will not be syncing the other way round. So, changes in staging and develop will be overwritten. Changes in production will never be overwritten.

This process affects ALL Sites, even implementing ones. 

Please note:

BE VERY CAREFUL: it is a destructive operation for your release and develop sites. Anything you have there will be deleted and overwritten by the content of your production site.

We also have the ability to run this script manually on demand (in addition to it being run automatically)

To run the process, you need to have access to your planet4-nro repository (or ask someone with access to do it for you).


  1. From any of the branches, create a tag named “sync.X” (where X is an incrementing number).
  2. Go to your CircleCI workflows and check if it runs
  3. Wait for it to finish

If you don’t have permissions, you can ask any p4 developer to do this for you.