In our current approach of hosting, each NRO gets automatically three sites.

A develop site, at

A staging site, at

A production site, at (and of course, after the site goes live, at the designated live url)

The develop site will be configured to use the develop branch of that NRO’s child theme. In the future, commits to the develop branch of your child theme will trigger an update of your develop site. Currently this does not happen automatically, and a developer (With the proper permissions) has to trigger an update of the develop branch.

The process bellow describes how to trigger this


a) You will need to have access to the repository that controls your site. Usually they are named planet4-nro (for example planet4-netherlands). This is NOT to be confused with the child theme repository (usually named planet4-child-theme-nro, for example planet4-child-theme-netherlands).

b) You will need to have setup CircleCI , so that you can see the workflows for your NRO.

To do that (you only need to do that once per project), follow the next steps

i) Go to CircleCI and login with your github account (make sure to select Greenpeace as organisation)

ii) Go to “Add projects”

iii) Find your planet4-nro repository

iv) Click on “Follow projects”

After you have successfully followed the project, you can trigger the update of your develop site with the following steps

1) In CircleCI click on “Workflows”

2) Click on the small sign next to the name of your project so that you can see all its items

3) Click on the “develop”

4) Click on the small icon next to “Rerun” so that you can see all the options

5) Click on “Rerun from beggining”

6) Wait for the process to finish (could take up to 10 minutes).

After the process has successfully finished, you should be able to see your changes on your develop site.

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