Create a (all-in-one) overview enhancing the user management aspect of Planet 4.

Currently users are managed per instance (dev/release/master) and per country. The idea is to have one overview where you can create a user and simply select which instances the user should have access to.

In addition to that: For NROs covering multiple countries, it would be handy to be able to manage all the users – from all the countries, and all of their instances – in one go.

The attached mock-up will clarify the idea.

This could be a feature accessibly to only ‘super admins’, on the master instance, from where the changes are pushed further.

Jira story >> https://jira.greenpeace.org/browse/PLANET-3086


== P4 Team update 20/11/2019 ==

This cannot be done under the current infrastructure, since we have a single-instance approach. Needs investigation from Infra team, once CDN + P3 decommission project is concluded.