The Planet 4 Project Team has made the following updates to the Product:

Release v1.16 (7/5/2018)

Front End

  • PLANET-2120 Posts: Remove Gradient The gradient on Posts has been removed and the entire background is now #F6F4E7
  • PLANET-2086 BUG Posts: Embedded content not having the same width on front end
    When an editor embeds content from social networks, the frames should have the same width on front end
  • PLANET-2091 BUG Posts: Take action card not scrolling all the way down
    The take action card was stopping before the user reached the end of the story.
  • PLANET-2049 Navigation: fix spacing as designed The search field was too short and too far from the donate button, the language menu was too far from the logo, the donate button was too short, the logo was incorrect.
  • PLANET-2100 Publications block: fix vertical spacing
    the vertical space was out of whack on the publications block.

Back End / Admin

  • PLANET-1505 Accessibility: Add Skiplink
    Skiplinks are (visible hidden) links used by keyboard-only users and screen-reader users to jump quickly to the start of the content. They become only visible on keyboard focus.
  • PLANET-1506 Accessibility: Links texts social media icons
    All footersocial icons have now a hidden text to describe them, which is only visible on screen-readers.

Release v1.17 (14/5/2018)

  • PLANET-1661 Workflow: export revision data Editors are closer to being able to run a report to see what Posts were revised or published over a period of time.
  • PLANET-2126 Submenu Block: Remove border radius and reduce padding The Submenu panel is now square and padding has be reduced to 20px.
  • PLANET-2130 Happy Point: put default bg image in Admin Settings Previously the background image was hard coded into the Happy Point. This has been changed to allow the Admin to set this in the P4 Settings.
  • PLANET-2161 Start using CDNJS libraries All the libraries that we use that exist in CDNJS , switch from hosting/serving them ourselves to hosting/serving them from CDNJS
  • PLANET-2133 BUG: Content 4 Column: default display on Tag page On the Tag pages the number of Posts being displayed is too many. The default should be set to ‘Show 1 Row’, not ‘Show All Posts’.
  • PLANET-2168 BUG: Navigation: Donate button misaligned When we made improvements to the Top Nav it broke the button on the Greek site.
  • PLANET-2169 BUG: Articles block: Special characters are appearing encoded There was an issue with the ‘&’ symbol appearing as encoded.
  • PLANET-2184 BUG: Campaign block: Special characters are appearing encoded There was an issue with the ‘&’ symbol appearing as encoded.