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Block: Covers

Dynamically pull out posts or Take Action pages in a consistent three or four column layout!

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In the past months, we’ve looked at all the blocks and started adding functionality to give web editors more control. We’re excited to announce the first improvement we’ve made is, drumroll, called the Covers Block

Without further ado, here’s what happened in week 41 of 2018:

Release v1.30 (16/10/2018)

  • KEY INFO >> The Block is already active in your P4 instances, you should progressively replace Take Action Covers, Campaign Thumbnails and Content Four Column with the Covers Block (instructions in page or in Video)
  • PLANET 2737 –Fix master-theme error: in_array() expects parameter 2 to be array, null given
  • PLANET 2332 – Cookies: text not adjusting (bug fix!)
    • The cookies text wasn’t adjusted in the Desktop screen version, limiting the cookie acceptance message to a max of 135 characters. All good now, text is responsive in all desktop formats and in all browsers
The small cookies text bug, limiting the amount of characters to 135 for the cookies acceptance text.
  • PLANET 2755 – Fix Submenu Icon (bug fix!)
    • The shiny arrow icons of the Block: Submenu were disappearing in some cases due to minor font patches. they are back in all their glory