Last release of 2018! There still was time for  User Experience (UX) improvements, a few bug fixes and a very special THANK YOU for everyone!  

The P4 team will take a short break to come back in January 2019, but bugs reporting and Global IT support will be there for urgencies!

Release v1.37 (18/12/2018)

  • PLANET 3008 – Remove blocks: Take Action, Campaign Thumbnails and 4 columns blocks (UX Improvement!)
    • Remember the “Block:  Covers” and how it now replaces Take Action, Campaign Thumbnails and 4 columns blocks? Well, now these 3 are no longer available in the Page Elements menu

Image rendering / icons / visual improvements ?

  • PLANET 1362 –Images: Allow for zoom on mobile devices (UX Improvement!)


    • On Mobile/Tablet screens, embedded images are now clickable for users to enlarge and see them full-sized.
  • PLANET 2964 –Use .svg icons instead of font icons (UX Improvement!)
  • PLANET 3027 – MENA: Adjust 3 column details block to right-to-left (UX Improvement!)
    • The Block : Three columns had to be reversed to reflect the Right-to-left writing of Arabic for the Middle East and Northern Africa (MENA) website.
Captura de pantalla 2018-12-13 a la(s) 09.21.43.png

Audio files ⏯ / Language strings ??/ Happy point ? fixes

  • PLANET 2990 – Audio file not played (bug fix!
    • Audio files were not working in the front-end. They do now, hit the play button below to check it out (see embed multimedia)
  • PLANET 3005 –Happy point: cut on desktop on tag pages (bug fix!
  • PLANET 3007 – Translation: missing strings (bug fix!)  ?????? 
    • A few strings were missing in Loco Translate (see Translate P4), leaving the commands in English in some sites. These were >
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    • Want to check your P4 site? Log in the Handbook >> Loco Translate >> P4 Master theme, and hit “Sync”!

THANK YOU for an amazing 2018!  ?