Maximise visual impact combining images in grids, 3 columns or carousel

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2019 has started with a bunch of improvements to make P4 Webbies’ lives easier. As of today the Block: Gallery is available in all P4 instances, combining 2 blocks in one and adding a grid style for your images.

Please make sure to replace the old “Three columns” and “Carousel” blocks with this new one!

Release v1.39 (16/1/2019)

UX Improvements ?

  • PLANET 2503 –Remove home page background image (UX)
    • The background image (aka “Shedding  light” diagonals) was removed from body.home.
  • PLANET-2842 –Evergreen template: Restrict paragraph length not container (Idea!)
    • Following the Idea of Nick, Evergreen page templates now use full containers so that blocks and images display correctly, but still limit paragraph widths for pages with a lot of text, to remain easy to read.
“Evergreen” page fully displaying blocks / images, but limit paragraph width.

Design & cosmetic improvements ?

  • PLANET 2866 –Happy point: fix subscribe rollover colour (Design)
  • PLANET-3020 –Style Blockquotes (Design)
    • P4 did not have style for “Blockquotes“. The Lora italic font of the blockquotes now reads spectacularly, on all screens
      • XL = 40pt on 60pt (2.5 on 3.75rem)
      • L & M = 38pt on 58pt (2.37 on 3.62rem)
      • S = 24pt on 30pt (1.5 on 1.87rem)

“May the force be with you”  

  • PLANET-3060 –Fix buttons active state  (Design)
    • Visual alignment for the upcoming Block: Form – stay tuned!

Bug Fixes ?

  • PLANET-2920 –Some weird code at the bottom of the page (bug
    • It is unclear how that code arrived at the bottom of admin pages, but now it’s gone!
  • PLANET-2921 –Yellow tag movement on mouse over the image (bug
    • Safari did not really like the yellow #Tags on the Block: covers, making the text move, when hovering over. No longer, baby
  • PLANET-3046 – Search filter box – visual bug on close icon (bug)
    • The circle of the “close” icon of refined search results was not behaving correctly on mobile. All good now.
Screen Shot 2019-01-07 at 17.09.32.png