Pull out static content (with or without images) or take action tasks in columns.

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4th new block of 2019! P4 webbies can now enjoy a very flexible feature, combining three blocks in one, allowing to group content in aligned, responsive and styled columns.  Icons, tasks, title, description and links (or any combination of those) are allowed. Here’s how to use it.

Release v1.41 (30/1/2019)

  • PLANET 1491 – Build the Columns Block (UX
    • The Block: Columns combines the 2 column, Static 4 Column and Take Action Tasks blocks into a single block. The front end is responsive up to 4 columns (e.g. if the web editor only puts in 2 columns, the column size is responsive). More than 4 columns is not allowed.

Community requests & improvements 🇺🇳

  • PLANET 3088 –Images: zoom in not displaying full photo (bug)
    • In some cases, zoomed images were cut on Desktop rendering, blocking the full experience. All good now (see Visuals: images & videos).
  • PLANET 3089 – Optimize mobile responsive P4 petition template (UX)
    • In the mobile version of the P4 Petition template the form was not appearing in all its glory.  All good now, best UX practices are there baby
  • PLANET 3091 – 2-column split block: arrow icon is missing on mobile  (bug
    • Instead of arrows, the Block: Split Two Columns was showing envelopes, when accessed on mobile. Why? Unclear. But no longer.

Elastic Search (coming soon!) 🔍

  • PLANET 2058 –Apply custom Post/Page Weight to search results from ES (UX)
    • Apply the option for Editors to give custom weight to P4 Posts/Pages to the Search results coming from the ElasticSearch data node.

Infrastructure improvements 🏯

  • PLANET 3070 –Fix error in release-prepare-nro.sh when previous release branch is empty (Infra)
  • PLANET 3085 –Handbook to k8s . Do final migration and change of DNS for domain  (Infra)