Planet 4, Greenpeace's website builder and digital engagement platform.

Planet 4 is used as a CMS tool by many National / Regional Organisations as their primary web presence. 48 websites in total, in 35 different languages.

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Built on top of Wordpress

Planet 4 is a Content Management System built on the WordPress Block Editor framework to allow web admins, content editors and campaigners to update their Greenpeace website or campaign pages.

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Customize your campaign landing pages

Give your pages a unique look and feel to suit your campaign. Choose from our gorgeous pre-defined themes or create your own.

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Tailored for the Greenpeace community

Planet 4 has lots of actively-maintained resources for users, developers and designers

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Planet 4 is a one life human and digital adventure. As a community, we share ideas and make them come to life, so this innovative dream-platform is always evolving to a stronger tool to inform and empower people. We know we can improve the world starting with a click, so we are doing it.
Lise Bockler, digital specialist — Greenpeace Luxembourg

Meet the Planet 4 crew

Planet 4 is built and maintained by a global team of contributors from Greenpeace International, Greenpeace national and regional organisations, and dedicated volunteers.

Carolina Dan Florent Foppe Houssam Julia Maud Molly Nikos Osong Quentin Sagar Taylor Toni

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