The Roadmap

Planet 4 was live for the first time at the beginning of 2018 on version 1.0. The improvements made since then are grouped in the #Updates page.

Co-develop P4

Planet 4 is 100% open source. If you would like to get involved and show us what you’ve got, you’re very welcome to join us.

Every coder can contribute to the success of P4 by joining forces to code features, review plugins or special functionalities. The help of Greenpeace offices with extra capacity and of the open source community is most welcome!

P4 Technical Documentation

Request NEW – Vote P4 features

The page “Improve P4” is dedicated to product co-development, this MEDIUM post describes the process and this Video shows how a feature request makes its way to the Product roadmap (basically the graph below applied to real life)

Build Documentation

This Handbook is made with you, for you. You are free to improve the quality of this website at any time.

Exchange talent

P4 will ultimately replace more than 40 Planet 3 websites, 9 WordPress websites and 1 Drupal 7 portal. Such a global penetration of our platform implies a solid pool of practitioners, whose skills can and should be exchanged between offices.

National and Regional Offices (NROs) facing digital challenges, needing capacity to implement P4 or in need of short-term coverage should be able to host staff from other Greenpeace offices, and should be open to let folks go and spend some time abroad.

Beside retaining and developing in-house capacity, these international exchanges allow our people to see how Greenpeace operates in various contexts, contributes to building relationships and stimulates personal and professional growth 

Talent exchange across offices represents a unique opportunity to share knowledge and learn from each others!

Train your colleagues

This Handbook has a lot of information, but you really need 3 things to get trained in P4: Video Tutorials, documentation and time to exercise (in your staging site!).

Here’s what you need, depending on what you will do with P4:

Do you want to join a P4 training session? Check the P4 calendar (accessible to Greenpeace staff only) or contact the P4 team.

Do you want to train colleagues on P4 or record a new video tutorial? You’re amazing. Please contact the P4 team.

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