Custom features, tailored for the needs of the Greenpeace community.

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Easy, flexible website builder

Build beautiful and dynamic web pages to tell the story of your work with Planet 4 custom blocks.

Custom blocks and layout

Digital engagement tools for campaigns

Petition forms

Easily embed petition forms from Engaging Networks and other common engagement platforms used by Greenpeace NROs.


Display offline events from ControlShift directly in Planet 4

Focus on meaningful action

The Take Action pages help you inspire your audience to take meaningful action, with their layout highlighting three engagement steps they can take in the spirit of people power.

Building global momentum

Features like global redirects, global petition counters and one click import/export of campaign pages let you easily build international momentum by mobilizing other organisations.

More engagement features

Well-supported and continuously improving

  • Secure & performant

    Focus on security and performance. Solid infrastructure. 24/5 IT support available.

  • Continuous integration

    State of the art software development practices, including continuous integration and continuous delivery.

  • Privacy standards

    Planet 4 is compliant with the most demanding data protection legislation, including GDPR, etc.

Customize your design

Give your pages a unique look and feel to suit your website or your campaigns. Choose from our gorgeous pre-defined themes or create your own

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Build your own integrations, plugins and child themes. You can even work with our team to build new features.

Optimized for insights & analytics

Be more data-driven and impact-focused with insights and analytics tools. Every Planet 4 site is integrated with a set of analytics tools out of the box, no configuration needed.

  • Web analytics

    Google Analytics lets you understand your audience better and track what's happening on your website

  • Dashboards

    Google Data Studio lets you build powerful real time dashboards so you can share your insights with others in your organization.

  • URL tracking

    The custom-built Burlo link shortener tool lets you track traffic from your social media channels and email campaigns to understand what is driving engagement on your site

  • Heatmaps

    Hotjar heatmaps can help you understand how your audience interacts with different parts of a page, visualizing clicks and scroll depth.

  • A/B testing

    Google Optimize lets you test different call-to-actions, images or content, to find what resonates the most with your audience - no technical skills required.

  • Surveys

    Learn what's important to your users. Get the context behind users’ actions & behaviors and learn more about users' goals by targetting surveys to your website with Hotjar.

Integrate with the tools you already use

Connect Planet 4 to the platforms and services that help you run effective campaigns.

  • Engaging Networks
  • Hubspot
  • Google Tag Manager
  • ControlShift
  • Greenpeace Media Library
  • Internet Archive

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