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You can easily create a new campaign by clicking on the  Campaigns button  from the main menu on the left side of the screen, then clicking on New Campaign button. . 

  1. Choose a template

The first step is to Choose a template. Also, on the left side of the screen, a couple of options are displayed for you to choose the following details: goal, message type and theme. By choosing an option for the Goal section for eg, the options for the next sections, Message Type and Themes will start to narrow down. 


You can also narrow down the template options by sorting them by Most recent, Conversion rate or Most popular. 

While checking the templates, when hovering over a specific one, you can see the average conversion rate, the type and the goal the specific template was build/ used for. 

Left side options: Goals, Message type and Themes

On the left side there are a couple of options to choose from:

Once you choose a template, a window will appear with some more options:

If you are happy with the current selection of the template, just click on the Create campaign button and go to the next step. 

A window will pop out asking which domain you would like to use OptiMonk on?

Just type the domain name and click on Next. 

  1. Design

You are now at the design phase of the campaign. With the help of the menu on the left side or by simply clicking on the blocks from the template, you can edit or delete the existing blocks from the template. 

There are two sections:

The Main Page, Thank you and Teaser options can also be edited from the menu on top. 

Also, there are different views for different screen types that can be chosen from a vertical menu on the right side. 

  1. Display rules

The last section before pushing your campaign live is the Display rules: here you can edit all the options you want to be considered for the pop-up to be shown. 

There is a recommended option, but there are also a couple more triggers to choose from. Click on Add more triggers button and the next options will be displayed:

After you edited all the options, confirm by clicking the That’s all the triggers I need button. 

Go to the next step and select who to see the campaign. Again there are a couple of options grouped into:

The last steps are:

You can also opt in to get lead notifications via email when someone subscribes to the list. 

If you have set all the options you want, click on Next and you will be taken to the A/B Test Center screen (unavailable with the current plan) and Summary Settings options, which you can edit if you want a last minute change. Below on the page, there are also the Campaign statistics. 

At this point your campaign is Inactive, so you can switch it to Active right away OR you can Schedule when to start running. 

That’s it! Enjoy your pop-ups!