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When OptiMonk is implemented on your website it will track behaviour data from visitors (e.g. when users see or interact with a pop-up) and store it in specific cookies. The tool might also be used to collect information that users give us through forms. 

Therefore, we recommend listing OptiMonk as a third party service on your Privacy Policy. You should describe what the tool is used and list the cookies used. 

Add OptiMonk to your privacy policy:

When using OptiMonk on your website is important to describe the exact use of this service on your Privacy Policy. You can follow the example below but please check it against your local regulations: 

“We use Optimonk to display personalised content to our visitors, draw attention to specific campaigns (via pop-ups and modal windows) or to direct visitors to other Greenpeace websites. This actions can be triggered based on users’ behaviour, such as pages viewed, clicks, scroll, time spent on site. For this purpose, OptiMonk uses cookies on the user’s browsers and can store anonymised data (eg. browser information, operating system, pageview, duration, etc). OptiMonk can also store personal data (e.g email address) given by the user when signing up a form in a pop-up window. 

You can block data processing by OptiMonk by setting up your web browsers to block all cookies and delete all cookies already installed. Furthermore, you can also disable the 3rd party cookies on this website when setting up your cookies preferences on this page.”

⚠️  Important: The last sentence on the privacy description above requires you to block OptiMonk service until the user gives consent to your cookies policy. Read more information on user consent management here. 

OptiMonk’s cookies: 

“optiMonkClient”Stores information on how visitors are interacting with OptiMonk’s campaigns/pop-ups and their website behaviour (data of first visit, number of pages viewed, which campaigns were displayed, conversions, etc).This cookie expires 1 year from set/update
“optiMonkSession”Stores the precise start time where the user started a session on the website
This cookie expires 1 year from set/update

You can check OptiMonk’s cookies in Google Chrome, pressing F12, select Application view, click in Cookies, select your website domain and search for “optimonk”: