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Purpose: Combine visual elements with texts (and even buttons!) and create powerful combinations. You can find the block under the Media Blocks or the Most used. 

Media & text block

The editing mode works in WYSIWYG, meaning changes are made directly in the interface.

The visual editor of the Media & Text block

Editors can select images or short videos from the P4 Media Library in the “Media” area, and Title, paragraph and even buttons block in the “Content” area. See the .gif below.

Editor mode of the Media & Text block, with the various alignment and content options

If a Paragraph block is populated, editors can even select a “Drop cap” for a more impactful narrative

The Drop Cap command on the Media & text block

Block video intro

And here’s a video intro on the Media & Text block 👇

“Side image, Text & Call To Action” (CTA) pattern

By searching for “Side image, Text & CTA” you will see a pre-set pattern, which will automatically compose a set of content (with reversed layout for Right-To-Left alphabets), ready for you to populate it.

The Edit mode of a “Side image, Text & CTA” pattern

By adding the right set of visuals, header, paragraph and button, you can come up with quite an impactful block, like the example below

A quite effective use of the pattern

Pattern video intro

And here’s a video intro on the pattern 👇