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Purpose: Web editors can now add in Pages, Posts and Campaigns uniquely styled tables and Google Spreadsheets, listing a series of data with the P4 layout or campaign branding.

Important: For the “Spreadsheet Block, the source Spreadsheet must be published to render in P4 pages

The Table Block within the P4 available ones

Table Block

The Table block is a native Gutenberg block, allowing editors to include standard, responsive tables within Posts or Pages. You can add it by looking for “Table” in the Blocks option, under Formatting

Once added you can insert as many rows and columns as you wish, see a live example below.

Setting up the number of columns and rows for the block
Default style 🙂TitleTitleTitleTitleTitle
Row 1cellcellcellcellcell
Row 2cellcellcell
Row 3cellcellcell
Default type

Customize the table

Once inserted, you can change the appearance of the Table block using the commands on the right-side of your page / post.

Styles: You can select between “Default” (see table above), and Stripes (see next). The primary color won’t change.

Settings: You can decide whether to have a fixed width of the cell, have a Header row (which looks different from the other rows) and the footer section. See below how all 3 of these settings look like when activated.

Header is the blue Stripe 🙂TitleTitleTitleTitleTitle
Footer row!

Content: you can obviously add or remove rows in the block commands, in the rich text add sub/superscripts, inline images or HTML code see below

Adding / removing rows
Rich text commands

Spreadsheet Block

This block allows you to embed Google Spreadsheets right into your P4 posts, pages and campaigns.

To insert your block, search for “Spreadsheet” among the Planet 4 Blocks

The Spreadsheet block in the menu

The Editor will then ask you the link to a Google Spreadsheet, you will get that link by selecting File -> Publish on web.

If the Spreadsheet is not set as “Public”, content will not be shown.

KEY INFO – to display the content, the Spreadsheet must be set as “Public on the web”.

You can use this file as template 🙂

You can publish the entire sheet, or only one tab. That’s the link you need.

No need to choose the output format, any of them will work in the Spreadsheet block. Once you got the link, just paste it in the block settings, you should get an immediate preview, see below.

If your sheet is set as public, pasting the URL of the spreadsheet should immediately generate a preview.

If you make changes to the sheet after publishing it, these changes do not always immediately get reflected, even when “Automatically republish when changes are made” is checked. It may take a few minutes.

You can force an update by unpublishing and republishing the sheet. This will not change the sheet’s public url.

Features of the Spreadsheet block


By clicking on each column, users will be able to sort the content of the Spreadsheet block, see .gif below.

Sorting in the Spreadsheet block


In the search bar, users will be able to search for content, immediately sorting the table in real time, see .gif below.

Real-time searching in the Spreadsheet block

Background colors for Spreadsheet and Table blocks

All P4 and P4CG Spreadsheet blocks have three colour options. Grey (default), Green and Blue.

Grey Layout (Default)

Green Layout

Blue Layout

Design Elements

All design files of the block are available in the P4 Design Systems > Blocks > Spreadsheet

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