Key concepts

Understanding the content strategy, software and guidelines will allow you to make P4 content beautiful and engaging.

When designing the pages for your site, keep in mind that Planet 4 was designed using the idea that first priority content should always appear at the top of the page.

This section introduces all types of content, how the software is built and how you can take P4 to the next level.

Content Strategy

P4 content is all about engaging and empowering supporters. The content strategy lays out all the content we produce, and aligning with the content model will make Greenpeace recognizable across websites

Learn the concept

Posts vs Pages

Posts are time-based and include an author (PR, Stories, Publications). Pages have special functionalities and enable unique P4 functionalities.

Learn when to use what


What colours do we use? What size is the image of your Gallery block supposed to be? Where can I find backgrounds? Everything you need to know about image sizes, videos and other visual components.

All about non-text content

Appearance, legal check and migration

Learn how to set up the Menus, get your content checked by your legal department and how to migrate or archive content.

Content to change the world


Engaging content coming from other sources than P4, like Facebook posts, Instagram stories, Twitter feeds or Soundcloud.

Leverage multimedia in P4


Shortcake blocks pull out dynamic or static content to make P4 awesome. Learn which block does what and master them all.

All about P4 Blocks

Hosting & coding

The Planet 4 software is built on WordPress. To master it or develop it further you have to learn what environments you have, how P4 is hosted, to what extent you can customize code and how the releases get deployed.

Learn the P4 technology


WordPress plugins (or modules) are great tools to make content more consumable, achieve functionalities or manage a website. P4 uses plugins. Learn about them, what security reviews they must pass and how they get deployed.

All about P4 plugins