Each office will need to decide how it archives content that does not get migrated to Planet 4. Here you will find lots of links and info to select the best option.


Why archiving?

Once completed the content audit, it should be clear on what content your office will be migrating to P4, delete in P3 (or other existing website) or archive. Greenpeace content represents our history, how we have become the world’s largest environmental organization.

Ideally, each archival solution / vendor, should fulfil these requirements:

Which archival options are there?

The GPI Content Archive investigation (accessible to GP Staff only, for privacy and compliance reasons), should help selecting the most suitable option to your office. The most common format for archived content are:

This content can either be stored on Greenpeace or vendor (Software As A Service – SAAS) servers, depending on the choice of the office. Here’s two examples:


The default option – Internet Archive

Whichever archival solution NROs will decide to go for, all Planet 3 sites will be migrated to the world’s largest (non-profit) archival organisation, the Internet Archive.  

What will change?

KEY INFO – If you have content in your Planet 3 site that meet any of the following criteria, please re-create it in Planet 4 before September 30th, 2019:
>>> Content you are still campaigning on
>>> Content you are planning to campaign on
>>> Content you intend to keep updating
>>> Content you will want to have fixed in case they happen to have any issue like a broken image, document or button.



What happens to archived content?

They remain available for everyone to access for ever. This way Greenpeace has a new, clean and light website, without loosing its institutional, historical content. Archived content can not be edited and should not be actively pushed to the public. It’s a legacy, not active campaigning content. 


Should archived content be searchable?

It really depends on the solution your NRO identifies. Generally, any vendor has options to promote or not archived content across search engines.

Should you opt for an in-house hosted solution, make sure you exclude archived content from public search results. For Planet 3, for instance, the GPI TAM (Technical Application Management) has access to the P3 servers where the robots.txt is served from. These guys can do the changes and disallow sites that should be excluded from Search Engines (e.g. archive-xxx site).  

Any request about the robots.txt should be treated as a regular ticket with Greenpeace Global Support, which will then escalate it to the TAM team. 


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