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Once P4 is launched, it is fundamental to perform a project retrospective. This practice is useful to:

Part #1: the survey

As soon as celebratory drinks are over, everyone involved in the project (from NRO Sponsor to GPI Developer, from project manager to Content Editor) must fill the survey, it takes 3 minutes but it is super important for all NROs which will have to implement P4 in the future!


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Part #2: the interview

Around a week after your P4 launch, someone from the GPI team (usually the implementation coordinator) must coordinate a meeting with the NRO core team (Project manager, Content coordinator and Digital lead). Main points for this meeting are:

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Part #3: the data analysis

Once both survey and interview are done, the GPI Planet 4 team must collect all information and perform a series of corrective actions, either to the process, the documentation or the stakeholders.

A useful way to visualise results of the post-implementation survey is to regularly check the DataStudio Dashboard, right below


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