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  1. A P4 Admin must create your profile and give you access before you are able to edit your P4 profile.
  2. To have their stories / blogs /articles migrated from P3 credited in P4 authors must have the same P4 user ID / name of P3!
  3. For your Author Profile to appear on your Posts you must add a Bio, a profile image is optional.
  4. The Author’s page will be linked only if you choose the name from the dropdown list of authors
  5. In case of Author Override (Create Posts > Author Override), the author’s name will be there, but it will not be clickable / linked to the author’s profile page…

Edit your Profile Image / Avatar

You will access your user settings menu, where you can change the appearance of your WordPress console, add shortcuts, change your name and surname (you cannot change the username or the email!).

TIP! If you are managing multiple WordPress or P4 websites, different menu colours are super useful to quickly realise which site you are working on.

See the red menus of the snapshot below? It’s a color scheme called “Sunrise

You will also be able to change your Profile Picture, but not in the standard way.

Edit your Bio

You bio is editable directly in Planet 4 > Users > Your Profile > About Yourself.

Translate your Bio (for multi-language sites)

For multi-language P4 sites, it is possible to translate authors’ bios:

1) Go to WPML’s > String Translation and add authors as translatable strings


2 ) Go to WPML’s > Theme and plugins localization. Scan the template for translatable strings, this should collect the authors strings for translation:P4_authorbio_themeplugins

3) Go back to String Translation and edit the corresponding author bios:P4_authorbio_exemplestring

4) Enjoy your new translation. P4_authorbio_exempleprofile


Here’s also a snaggy .gif with the final result:


Check your profile!

You can always go to any post you wrote and check how your Bio at the bottom of the post looks. Like the guy below that thinks he’s the only one good at cooking peperonata

That’s how your profile description looks like in the posts you created, if you add your picture and fill a Description in your P4 profile

Editing an Avatar for someone else

If an Editor cannot/will not change the Avatar themselves then an Admin can do it for them. The downside to this is their User account will no longer be associated with their personal email address and thusly they will no longer get email notifications for comments on their posts. We strongly encourage you to have the Editor update the Avatar themselves.

  1. As an Admin: To change an Editor’s Avatar you must use an email address to which you have access in order to complete this process (see step #10).
    WP will not allow you to use the same email for multiple users. So as a Admin I would use, for example, my webmaster email + User’s Global ID e.g. [email protected]
  2. Go to the User Profile in P4 and generate a new WP PW
    (don’t worry, the Editor should be using their Google/GP login, not WP. So you will not be locking them out)
  3. Make a note of this PW + the User Name of the Editor you are working on, then Update User/Save
  4. Sign out of P4
  5. Sign in as the User, using their User Name + the new PW you generated
  6. Go to ‘Profile’ in the left nav
  7. Click on “You can change your profile picture on Gravatar.”
  8. Sign in to Gravatar
  9. Click on ‘Add Email address’ and enter the new address you created in step #1
  10. Go to your email and click on the link to verify the new identity
  11. Go back to Gravatar
  12. Choose the email address you want to modify
  13. Click on ‘Add new image’
  14. Click on ‘Upload new’
  15. Click on ‘Choose image’
  16. Click on ‘Next’
  17. Crop/centre image
  18. Set rating (in case your Gravatar may not be suited for younger or sensitive audiences. ? )
  19. Select where (which email) you would like to use the image
  20. Return to P4 and refresh to confirm.

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