To install OptiMonk, you need to add a piece of javascript code to your website.  Your NRO Planet 4  Google Tag Manager container is the best place to implement this, here’s how 👇:

  1. On your account dashboard, select “Insert Code” or select the code (</>) icon on the left sidebar. This will open a pop-up window your account javascript tracking code.

  2. Copy the script and open your Planet 4 Google Tag Manager container. Don’t forget to use the same container you have implemented on your Planet 4 website. 
  1. In Google Tag Manager you should create a new Custom HTML tag.

  2. Paste the javascript code you’ve copied from your OptiMonk account:
  3. Add a trigger to fire OptiMonk’s tracking code on Planet 4 pages.
Important: We also recommend NRO’s  that work on countries under GDPR law to block OptiMonk’s tracking code for users that didn’t consent to the Privacy Policy. Read our documentation on how to create GTM triggers based on user consent
  1. Preview to make sure your tag is firing correctly and publish a new version of your container. 
  1. Done! You can check if the OptiMonk code is implemented on your website by opening your website in Google Chrome, pressing F12, select Console view, click in the white text box, then type OptiMonk:

  2. You can also check the status of the tracking code under your OptiMonk’s account > Settings > Domains.
    • Click on Settings under your profile area

    • Click on Domains