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Each Greenpeace office implementing Planet 4 must sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU).

This document sets for the terms and understanding between Greenpeace International and a local Greenpeace office in regards of the implementation of the new Content Management System, code name Planet 4.

  • KEY INFO >>  The sign-off of the MOU is a required step to proceed with the Planet 4 implementation 


Signed by both GPI and the implementing NRO, this MOU covers the development, implementation and ongoing management of Planet 4 in Greenpeace offices, and establishes the relationship between  the implementing office and Greenpeace International, exclusively related to the implementation of the Planet 4 system.

Specifically, this document aims to:

  1. Define roles and responsibilities and allocate the necessary resources to the implementation;
  2. Describe the content of the “Planet 4 package” delivered during the Greenpeace Greece implementation;
  3. Define responsibilities of Planet 4 updates and development (global VS custom / local);
  4. Define allocation of costs, resources and project controls


An electronically signed-off copy of the MOU must be included in each NRO Planet 4 Implementation Drive


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