Ideas by Kelli Tolen

  • Identify Greenpeace staff when replying to comments on Posts
    19 October 2022

    When GP staff reply to comments on Posts we'd like a way to identify ourselves as GP staff. On P3, when a user with a GP email address would leave…

  • Compare 2 images slider
    7 December 2021

    Have a block to show the difference between two images; before and after storytelling. e.g. The code from GPES doesn't not seamlessly work w/ P4. Would be lovely…

  • Google Apps plugin for WordPress
    26 April 2021

    Many Web Editors find the process of adding a Gravatar to their Author bios cumbersome. Either they do not have the internet bandwidth (ships personnel), the time (EDs), or the…

  • Media assets warning (when a user deletes an file)
    27 November 2020

    As an Admin, when an Editor attempts to delete a Media Library asset I want them to be able to see if and where that asset is embedded/linked to on…

  • Show EN Form on top of mobile pages
    21 February 2020

    As an Editor I want the form part of the EN Form block to appear at the top of the page when viewing the content on a mobile device.  

  • Tweet Generator
    22 January 2020

    As an Editor I want to allow supporters to send mass tweets from a series of pre-written campaign messages. Replicate this feature in P4 that Jack Segal built in EN…

  • Media Library asset version control
    4 October 2019

    As an Editor I need to be able to overwrite assets in the WP Media Library and maintain the asset URL. The current process* is not only cumbersome (Admins cannot create…

  • Notification for Content Submissions
    4 June 2019

    As a Web Editor I want to get notified when content is Submitted for Review (based on notification preferences or permissions) so that I can Publish it to Production or…

  • Robust web page reporting
    21 May 2019

    Allow Admins to run more robust website reporting and allow Editors to have wider view of changes made to Posts and Pages. 🗳️ SLACK VOTING – NOVEMBER 2020 🗳️ 🙌 …

  • Customise Search Results
    6 March 2019

    As an Admin/Editor I want to have the ability to weight and/or customise search results in Elastic Search, so that I can influence search results and sorting; directing my audience…