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Purpose of block: This block ends a page with an image that can include the default subscribe link. In the default P4, we use this block right before the footer on almost all pages to show a final inspirational photo and ask supporters to signup to a newsletter from Greenpeace.

Set up the block in P4 pages

KEY INFO >> the Happy Point is never mandatory and should NOT affect the layout of any page.

Choose a background image and its focus

The image settings in the Happy point block

Opacity and form settings

Key Info > By ticking the “override default form” you will customise the happy point for that specific page, which will not follow the default content in Planet 4 Settings > default content

The settings of the happy point block

Setup the form in Hubspot

Please check these instructions in the Greenpeace Hubspot support portal on how to create a form directly in the Hubspot P4 plugin

The Hubspot plugin menu in Planet 4

Set up the form in other tools

If your office is not using Hubspot there is also the possibility to configure a form hosted in another source.

In Settings > Defaults content, you can add the URL of your forms in Engaging Networks or any other Digital marketing tool and it will be iFramed in the Happy Point blocks

Multilingual domains: Set up different form for each language

In order to set up a different form for each of the languages in your site you need to follow the same set up procedure for each language. If your site has more than one language, you’ll see at the top of the page a language option:

Insert the happy point in Planet 4 pages

Hit “Add Page Element” in the edit mode of the P4 page (the ideal place for the Happy Point is the bottom of the page, right before the footer) and select the Happy Point block

Below a good example of a Live Happy Point!

Here’s the Thank You message of our form

Design Elements

All design files of the block are available in the P4 Design Systems > Blocks > Happy Point

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