When you switch to Planet 4, you’ll need to make some modifications in Planet 4 Settings Panel to ensure proper functionality. This section tells you what each setting does.

General Settings (Title, Date, Admin)

Dashboard > Settings > General

Give your site a title and a tagline, you can’t edit URL and Site addresses, but you can insert the admin email address, and decide if anyone can register and in which default role

Setting up P4 general settings, incl. site title, tagline admin email and default membership

Please remember to change the site email address to a contact address/webmaster from your office

Language, Date and Time

Dashboard > Settings > General

As an Admin, you will be able to set date and time, and check the default language. Need to translate P4? Check this page. 

Setting up language, date & time in P4 > Settings > General

⚠️ Key info: Make sure you change the admin email address of your production site to a contact email/web master email from your office.

Reading Settings (homepage, indexing)

Dashboard > Settings > Reading

The “Reading” settings tell browsers and search engines how to “Read” the website. From here, you can determine which page will be the Homepage and if the site will be indexed by search engines or not.

⚠️ Key info: If the “Search Engine Visibility” box is ticked, search engines will exclude your Planet 4 site from search results

Setting up P4 > Reading settings, including commands to set up which page will be the Home and if the site will be indexed by search engines or not.

Discussion Settings (Comments)

Dashboard > Settings > Discussion

Enable or Disable comments on posts by ticking the following checkbox:

⚠️ Key info: Changing this setting will only affect newly created posts, not existing ones. See below to find how to disable comments on existing posts.

Disable comments on existing posts

Posts > All Posts

To remove comments from all of your existing posts, you have to do it through a bulk edit from the Posts overview.

The bulk edit only applies to the posts selected, so it will only affect the posts shown on the page. To avoid having to do this many times, change the Number of Items from the Screen Options panel on top and Apply changes.

Then select all the posts and on Bulk Actions select Edit and click on Apply.

Then a panel with options to edit is shown and you’ll see there is a Comments field. Here you select the option to not allow comments and Update changes.

Allow comments on existing posts

Same steps as for the previous action, you just need to select the Allow option.

Watch the video below.

Re-attribute comments to another user


  1. submit a comment being LOGGED OUT of Planet4
  2. login to P4
  3. go to the Comments section in the back end
  4. look for the comment you want to change the author name and click on Edit or Quick edit
  5. change the name and then click Update comment
  6. check if the name is both changed in the back end and front end.

Watch the video below.

Planet 4 settings

The Planet 4 settings control all commands related to the specific connections of P4 with external services and are accessible from a menu item on the sidebar menu.

Main P4 Navigation (Title, Act, Explore)

Dashboard > Planet 4 > Navigation

The settings in Dashboard > Planet 4 > Navigation

NRO Selection Title

Each Planet 4 has a drop down menu in the footer that allows our supporters to navigate to other Greenpeace sites. The name into this box will be displayed in the footer command.

The NRO selector title setting in the frontend

Act and Explore Pages

To make a Page a “Take Action” and apply the appropriate style, it has to be subpages of the “ACT” (see 👉 Create Take Action Pages)

Additionally, Planet 4 needs to work in multiple languages. Because the “ACT” page will have a different name in each language, an admin needs to tell Planet 4 which page to look at. This setting defines which page is the parent of all “Take Action” pages.

This is similar for the Explore and Issues pages. These settings help the platform deliver the proper functionality at the proper time.

KEY INFO >> To determine “ACT” and “EXPLORE” is fundamental to unlock a series of functionalities developed for P4, such as “Take Action” or “Issue” pages, which must have “ACT” and “EXPLORE” as parenting pages, respectively. More on Navigation & Main Pages

Information Architecture

Dashboard > Planet 4 > Information Architecture

With the new Information Architecture and Navigation project, a lot of new commands are available to site admins to setup their new site.

The Planet 4 > Information Architecture settings

Mobile tabs menu

A sticky menu will appear on all mobile screens (=smaller than 992px), showing all navigation bar items.

The Mobile Tabs menu

Action post type

Enables the Action post type and Action Type taxonomy (Documentation coming soon).

If enabled, a menu “Actions” will appear on the Admin side bar, Actions will also be selectable in Take Action Boxout and Covers blocks.

The “Action” post type enabled in the settings and appearing on the admin side bar

Dropdown navigation menu

Allows to insert sub-menus in the Navigation bar. See 👉 how to set up the P4 Key content.

Sub-menu elements in the Nav. bar

Category links on posts

When this item is ticked, people who click on Posts’ categories, will be redirected to listing pages of the categories, instead of issue pages. See .gif below.

Behaviour of the “Category links on post” command

Listing pages Background

If ticked, no background image will be allowed in all listing pages (e.g. Post type or Author page)

Listing pages pagination

If the setting is ticked, auto-generated listing pages (Author, Post type, Category, Tag) now have numbers listing all the pages, instead of the “Load More” button

Pagination on listing pages (when setting is activated)

Donate button

Dashboard > Planet 4 > Donate Button

Donate Button and link to the donation page

The “Donate” button text in the P4 Settings and how it will be rendered in Frontend

Defaults Content

Dashboard > Planet 4 > Defaults Content

POSTS – Default title, button title, and Number of Related Articles

Take Action Covers default button text

Note (31 Jan 2022): this UI is in the process of being improved – keep an eye out for an update coming soon!


Dashboard > Planet 4 > Comments

⚠️ Key Info: In GDPR-applicable (EU) countries, users must explicitly provide consent for their comments and personal details to appear on the website.

For this, Admins have the option to determine whether a box (enabled by default) should be displayed for users to provide their consent before posting a comment.

The string reads I agree on providing my name, email and content so that my comment can be stored and displayed in the website.” by default, and can be translated as a regular string.

The opt-in checkbox to submit the users’ consent for comments on Planet 4 sites


Dashboard > Planet 4 > Cookies Text

The “Enforce Cookies Policy” setting is related to the Cookies block, and complement the functionality.  

The cookies setting menu

Please make sure to check the Block: Cookies page to fully understand how P4 deals with consent


Dashboard > Planet 4 > Copyright

Copyright text Line 1 and Copyright text Line 2 (3 and 4)

Generic Copyright usage (see “legal checks” for more info), which state the usage of your P4 site. Below the text used for the International site:

This text appears below the Footer, here’s what it looks like in the front end of the International site (yes, on 4 the year gets automatically updated!)

The copyright texts as they appear in the Footer

Social (Facebook and other domains)

Dashboard > Planet 4 > Social

Connection to FB articles must be done both in Planet 4 Settings and in FB Publishing Tools

404 page

Dashboard > Planet 4 > 404 Page

404 background image and 404 page text

The 404 error page gets set up in the P4 settings menu. Here’s what it looks like on the International site – https://www.greenpeace.org/international/ciao-I-am-a-404/


If you want to disable theme style of the campaign pages when importing a campaign, you have one more setting to check.

KEY INFO – This is extremely useful for NROs using child themes, since campaign styles are incompatible with those.

From the menu on the left, go to Settings -> Planet 4 and at the end of the page there is the Exclude campaign styles when importing is ticked.

KEY INFO – If you want to change this setting, make sure you are in contact with the admin of your site.


Dashboard > Planet 4 > Analytics

Google Tag Manager Container, Optimise, Smartsheet ID (5, 6,7)


Under the Features section, you can enable or disable specific P4 features.

⚠️ Key Info: Options with the construction worker icon 👷 are only available in dev sites (https://www-dev.greenpeace.org/YourNRO)

Image Archive (beta)

The Image Archive is a Beta integration, not ticked by default. When selecting this option, the page will refresh automatically and the GPI Image Archive button will show up on the left menu under the Dashboard section.

GPI Media Library

Dashboard > Planet 4 > GPI MediaLibrary

Our in-house plugin allows the P4 connection with the Greenpeace Media Library. When you receive both Staging and PRODUCTION sites, the plugin is already configured and working with standard API credentials. Should you need to change those with a personal one, please contact the Greenpeace media library administrators.The Media Library grants image access to Greenpeace staff based on the following guidelines:

KEY INFO ->  Your Planet 4 website is already connected to the Media Library account API. If you need to replace the existing default account, contact the Greenpeace Media Library administrators and ask them to give API access to your account.

  1. All content is protected by copyright and must be credited
  2. The user agrees that the content of a photograph will NOT be changed or manipulated in any way
  3. The user may receive links to 2500 pixel still images and broadcast resolution video media releases for a 14 day period from initial release (30 days for video). As an authorized representative, users are allowed to grant usage directly related to Greenpeace campaigns on the following basis: no resale, no archives, editorial use only, not for marketing or advertising campaigns, credit line compulsory.
  4. The user agrees that photos higher than 800 pixel will not be posted on any external website without library permission
  5. The user agrees to read and respect any additional restrictions displayed with an image.

💡 TIP! Do you need to learn how to insert images from the media library to your P4 pages? Check images & videos > Use images from the GP Media library

Turn on the Greenpeace Image Archive Feature

Dashboard -> Plane 4 -> Features

To avoid confusion with the WordPress media library, we decided to give the integration a new name, “Greenpeace Image Archive“.

For this we’re trying out the “feature toggle” approach. This means that we deploy the code to production at an early stage, but hide the feature with a settings toggle that is off by default, until we have made the needed iterations to make it fully production ready.

We don’t recommend already turning the new media library on in production yet. But you can have a look on your develop or staging site. Watch the GIF below to check how you can turn this option on.

Animated GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

Anti-Spam (Akismet)

Dashboard > Plugins > Akismet

Activate the Akismet account (WordPress Spam blocker)

To ensure the minimum standards to block spam, each Planet 4 site has an Akismet subscription assigned to it.  The P4 project has an enterprise subscription to Akismet, covering the planet4 website. When new sites are deployed, the Akismet should already be configured. If for any reason yours isn’t please contact the P4 Team.

How to activate the Akismet account

NOTE >> you can get your Planet 4 API Key at any time by logging into your Akismet account

Redirects & URLs

Dashboard > Tools > Redirection

P4 redirects are managed by a wordpress.com Plugin called redirection.me.

In the P4 Admin dashboard, go to the left side menu and click on Tools – > Redirection

All you need to know about links, redirects, slugs and URLs is at >> Master URLs, Links, Page Parenting and redirects

Plugin Blocks Usage

Dashboard > Blocks > Usage

This (very useful) command provides an overview of which blocks are being used in which pages throughout the site. Blocks are alphabetically ordered and page links open directly the edit mode of the page.

The block also pulls out which Tag pages are using a redirect.

Engaging Networks settings

Dashboard > EngagingNetworks > Settings

Only for NROs using Engaging Networks. Please contact Greenpeace Global IT to know more.

EN API settings

P4 must connect to both public and private APIs of your NRO EN account:

KEY INFOS >> Every NRO using Engaging Networks (EN) has the P4 API fields already populated by Global IT. NO NEED to update the keys each time you publish a form in your EN account

This setup allows the information to be automatically sent from P4 to EN accounts, whenever a user signs up the Block Form.

What happens if your office does not use Engaging Networks? Editors can turn off the menu if needed. Here’s how:

Dashboard > Planet 4 -> Features -> Engaging Network Integration

Un-ticking the Engaging Network Integration will turn off the Engaging Networks integration. This toggle will be on by default. Turning it off removes the following things from the admin area:

Links & Resources