To insert special characters in blocks such as #$%&*(){}[] you need to use the & hex code format (full list at >>

To insert markup / HTML in blocks description and content just use single quotes, like <a href=’YOURLINK’>your text</a>

Master all blocks

#Blocks #Content #Visuals Block: Group

Create a ‘placeholder’ and add other blocks inside it, then customize it

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#Blocks #Content #Engagement Block: Accordion

Expand or collapse content to improve user experience by preventing endless scrolling.

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#Blocks #Content Block: Spreadsheet + Table

Create in-page tables or embed responsive Google Spreadsheets in your P4 posts, pages and campaigns.

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#Blocks #Content #Engagement #Visuals Block: Social Media Cards

Use images and short texts for a one-click sharing pledges and call to action!

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#Blocks #Content #Engagement Block: Take Action Boxout

Include Call To Actions within posts and pages through a dynamic floating card!

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#Blocks #Content #Engagement Block: Timeline

Add timelines with the P4 design to display activities and milestones

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#Blocks #Data-Analytics #Engagement Block: Form (Engaging Networks)

Insert Call to Action in your P4 pages and send data to your Engaging Networks account

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#Blocks #Visuals Block: Gallery

Maximise visual impact combining images in grids, 3 columns or carousel

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#Blocks #Content #Engagement Block: Counter

Show supporters how many signatures are collected at a specific point!

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#Blocks #Data-Analytics #Setup Block: Cookies

Allow users to have complete control over which cookies they accept in your P4 sites. 

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#Blocks #Content Block: Media

Insert Videos in your pages right from YouTube or the Greenpeace Media Library!

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#Blocks #Content #Engagement Block: Happy Point

Embed (via iFrame) a “Subscribe” or engagement form in Planet 4 pages

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#Blocks #Content #Visuals Block: Columns (& tasks)

Pull out static content (with or without images) or take action tasks in columns.

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#Blocks #Content Block: Covers

Dynamically pull out posts or Take Action pages in a consistent three or four column layout!

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#Blocks #Content Block: Articles

Pull out dynamically your posts, deciding by which type, Tag or Category!

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#Blocks #Visuals Block: Split Two Columns

Combine Categories (Issues) and #Tags in 2 columns with diagonals

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#Blocks #Content #Visuals Block: Carousel Header

Display several photos on a scrolling carousel for the home page

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#Blocks #Content Block: submenu

Insert a dynamic “Table of content” to facilitate consumption of long pages.

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Blocks availability matrix





ArticlesBy defaultXX
Carousel Header XX
Columns / Tasks XX
Cookies XX
Covers XX (only “Content” style)
Engaging Networks Form XX
Happy Point XX
Media  X (Embeds only) XX
Social Media X (Embeds only)XX
Split Two Columns X 
Spreadsheet / TableXXX
Submenu X 
Sub PagesX
Take Action BoxoutX (in Post Element fields)X 

Blocks menu in Gutenberg

In the content field, there is a small arrow inside a circle – click on that element to add a new block. A pop up window will open and you now have several options to choose from: