Display several photos on a scrolling carousel for the home page

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Definition & Purpose

The Carousel header is a gallery block that features a scrolling collection of images and media content, typically found at the top of the Homepage. Editors can add a header, text, and CTA overlaid on top of the image.

Provides a visually engaging way to display and highlight content, allowing for a more dynamic and interactive experience.

Pages: Home (at top)

For content images the max width is 1140px. To ensure quality please supply images with a width of no less than 1140px. An ideal width would be 1440 pixels to allow for any minimal cropping – more on Image Ratio and visuals.

The Header Carousel can be swiped left for S/M sizes on both Right-to-Left and Left-to-right effects, depending on your alphabet..

This style allows a carousel spanning across the full page width using a classic look: big slides, fade transition, and no sub-headers. See all screens here.

Edit mode

Just like any other block, the Carousel Header switched to WYSIWYG, meaning that the options such as title and short description for each image and the CTA button can be done directly on the editor.

The carousel elements can easily be switched by drag and drop.

Frontend rendering

Carousel Autoplay

Editable options

When you double click on one image on the right side of the block, you have the option to add an URL, to decide if to open it in a new tab or no and to establish the image focal point.

You will see a circle with blue margins on the image. Drag and drop it on the image where you want the focus point to be OR add numbers in the Horizontal Pos. and Vertical Pos. spaces.

Do’s & Don’ts


You should use as much as possible:



To secure the text and call to action legibility, you should avoid using as much as possible:


Design Elements

All design files of the block are available in the P4 Design Systems > Blocks > Carousel Header

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