Want to decide whether to autoplay slides animation for the Block: Carousel Header  or not?

Want to be able to decide whether URLs in the header fields will open in new tabs or not?

Want to be 100% GDPR compliant and not store IP addresses, which qualify as personal information, in the EU?

Or maybe you are hoping for a ‘quick and easy fix’ to replace the old blocks with the new ones?

This release got you covered.

Release v1.48 (27/3/2019)

Design and UX Improvements 🎩

  • PLANET-3308 – Select and review GDPR-safe Comment plugin
    • Since European GDPR (General Data Protection Rules) came into effect (May 2018), IP addresses now do qualify as personal information, hence P4 sites which are collecting them in the comments are now potentially in breach of these rules. Hence, as mentioned in GPI site Privacy policy, we (P4) should not collect IP addresses. From this release you will see a new plugin in your site called “GDPR Comments“. Offices that should comply with GDPR law should take a moment to follow the instructions and setup their sites to not record IP addresses on comments.
  • PLANET-3277New Carousel header – let web editors choose if they want to autoplay slides animation
    • The Block: Carousel Header Full Width Classic style allows now the web editors to choose if they want to auto play slides animation. A new button, which is activated by default has been added to the corresponding block.
  • PLANET-3264Write conversion scripts for old blocks->new blocks
    • A script has been delivered to identify existing usages of old shortcake blocks in pages, and transform them to the equivalent new shortcake blocks that will be replacing them.  
      • The blocks “Static four column”“Two columns” and “Take action cards” will be replaced with the “Columns” block
      • The blocks “Three columns” and “Carousel” will be replaced by “Gallery”
      • IMPORTANT:  The commands that do the replacements were created, but they will not be run automatically. The commands will be released, but the tech lead would still need to go to the server of each site and run the command manually – Keep an eye on this, we will soon let you know if web admins would be able to run the commands by themselves and provide instructions for this. 
        • While testing the automatic conversion of the old Three Columns block to the new Gallery block, an issue became apparent:While the old Three Columns block used a smaller version of the image, the new Gallery block (while on the three Column style) uses a full version. This results in much bigger images than required (in a case: 1MB instead of the old 100kb). – This is work in progress and will soon be fixed by another ticket – PLANET-3346
  • PLANET-3286 – Split blocks UI code into separate objects and compose them.
    • The code for the blocks_ui admin is getting longer, that is why now is split into separate files for each block and compose afterwards into a single object.

Community requests & improvements 💡

  • PLANET-3256 – Add “Open in a new tab” for Page Header Link fields (Idea by Alessio)
    • The Page Header Fields section for Pages have been improved with a New Tab field which the web editors can now select if they want to redirect users to Petitions or external pages (e.g. Facebook events) right from the page header links. Just click the corresponding box when editing the page.

Bug Fixes 🐛

  • PLANET-3334New Carousel Header – Fix the No Carousel version
    • When the Carousel Header – Full Width Classic style has only 1 slide, the arrows and the page controller should not be displayed. Also, the slides animation should not play. This feature has now been fixed and displays correctly the carousel. However, there should be no data on the next slides (2, 3, 4…), no image, header, etc. for this to work correctly. There should only be data on the first slide.
  • PLANET-3298EN Form: Thank you page URL field adds ‘http://’  automatically if not present
    • The “Thank you page” URL field requires that URLs be appended with ‘http://’ – if the editor does not add ‘http://’ this will be automatically added by the system and will redirect the user to the indicated page.
  • PLANET-2978Articles block: article count allowing for minus numbers
    • When the articles block is set to e.g. -3 then ALL posts appear.
  • PLANET-3310Fix E_USER_WARNING errors by removing deprecated post.permalink references
    • Move along. Nothing to see here. Ok, if you still read, then you are one of us geek types: Our logs were polluted with a warning. Not something visible to the users or editors. We fixed the error keeping our logs clean(er).