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Purpose: allows collapsible menus.

Add the block to your page

Among the “Planet 4 Blocks – BETA” select Accordion

Edit block

Just like all the other Planet 4 blocks, the Accordion block is WYSIWYG in the backend editor. Also, in order to be consistent with all the other blocks, this as well has the two paragraphs: title and description. Keep in mind that all these fields can be edited in place.

While the content can be edited in place, all the settings for the block are to be found on the right size of the screen. From there, the editor can choose the style or add more items to the accordion block.

Style can be:

The next option is used to add more entries to the block. While title, the content and the text button (if need be) is set in place, directly into the accordion block, the button link and the option whether to open in a new tab or not has to bet set in this section.

All design files of the Accordion block are available in the P4 Design Systems > Blocks > Accordion