Purpose: Web editors can now add in both Pages and Posts P4-styled Call To Action, linking to either Take Action pages (performs like Block: Covers) or any custom link they need (external petitions, donation pages etc..)

Important: The Block renders differently in Pages (full width Call-to-Action) and in Posts (Floating Take Action Card)

In Posts: Take Action Pages Selector

It’s recommended to use this field for Stories and Publications only. From the drop down menu choose the related Take Action page, if one exists.

In Posts: custom Take Action Boxout

Apart the “Take action page selector” (above), you can add the Take action boxout as individual block and customise its content.

1) If a block is inserted in a POST, it will be placed as a floating card on the side

2) If both “Take Action boxout block” and “Take action page selector” are populated, the priority will be given to the block manually inserted in the Post

See .gif below to learn how to customize a Take Action Boxout in Posts

In Pages

If inserted in Pages, the Take Action Boxout block will take up the whole width of the page, pulling out either existing Take Action Pages see below a practical example:

Want to do more?

Design files are here.

Behavior of TA cards

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