As part of the preparatory phase, each implementing office will have to assess the current status of the Google Analytics account (usually being a sub-account or view of the “Greenpeace Planet” – UA-57175-1).



Why evaluate the existing account?

The purpose of this exercise is:

  1. recommend the way forward to track the P4 standard KPI setchoosing between
    • maintain the existing property (and ‘clean it up’!)
    • create a view in the new global P4 Account (UA-10290164)
  2. recommend the exclusion of IP Addresses:
  3. identify new goals and events to be setup
  4. identify new cross-domain tracking to be setup
  5. assess Google Analytics account permissions
  6. identify the Google Tag Manager container that will be connected to P4



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Perform the evaluation

Starting from the evaluation done by GPI during the P4 Design, each implementing NRO must produce an assessment and upload it in the respective Planet 4 drive, indicating:

And here a few completed evaluations (you can totally duplicate the template and add it to your P4 Drive!):


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Which KPIs to track in P4

During the Discovery phase a set of KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) was identified, and during the Concept, the methodology to extract those wrapped up. Having a standard set of KPIs (and a common way to extract them) will allow offices to “compare apples with apples” (in some cases, P4 vs P3 performances) and finally benchmark across Greenpeace web presences.

Here’s the final list, split by “Breadth”, “Depth”and “Open” engagement areas (check the methodology to extract them):

Breadth KPIs:

Depth KPIs:

Open KPIs:


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P4 Analytics Suite

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