For the most part, P4 is adopting the general WordPress structure for permissions. However, some roles have been modified to allow for additional capabilities.

Roles and users can be added and managed only by Planet 4 Administrators

Should you have the right permission levels, you will be able to access roles in Admin > Menu > Users and either assign individual permissions or bulk change roles by selecting one or multiple profile (see snapshot)

An overview on the roles available in Planet 4

Roles overview

Here’s what each role can do in P4:

KEY INFO – To have stories / blogs /articles migrated from Planet 3 credited in Planet 4 authors MUST have the same P4 user ID / name of P3! 

Log in

Once an access role has been defined, users can Log in to P4. We always recommend to log in with your Greenpeace Google ID.

WordFence 2FA (NOT required)

WordFence recently introduced a 2FA (2-factors-Authentification), this is not compulsory in P4 nor a core product feature,  but simply a WordFence plugin feature.

KEY INFO – for security reasons, we ALWAYS RECOMMEND to log in with your Greenpeace Google ID 

2-Factors-Authentication status in Users menu. This is a WordFence plugin feature, NOT a P4 native requirement

Again, this is NOT REQUIRED and NOT SUPPORTED BY THE P4 TEAM, but if you want to enable WordFence 2FA, follow the instructions in the WordFence Blog.

Make your life easy, and keep log in to P4 using Google


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