The P4 team is currently running some changes to the site. Please be aware that you might be redirected to some other sources on the world wide web or you will find the content you are looking for in another format. If you notice anything missing, please let us know in the p4-general Slack channel. Thank you!

KEY INFO – Before login, make sure a P4 Admin has created you a User in P4, according to your access role


Login with your Greenpeace Google ID

KEY INFO – for security reasons, we ENFORCE login with your Greenpeace Google ID. For that reason you should use your short email id.


  1. Go to
  2. Click on Login with Google
  3. Sign in using your Greenpeace Global ID and Password

WordFence 2FA (NOT required)

WordFence recently introduced a 2FA (2-factors-Authentification), this is not compulsory in P4 nor a core product feature,  but simply a WordFence plugin feature.

You can use it in cases where you give access to people outside the organization.

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