Create posts

See this step by step guide on how to create, tag and publish posts in Planet 4.

Create posts

Create Take Action Pages

Take Action pages, like all pages, have a special set up and function. Learn how to use blocks and motivate people to action.

Take Action Pages

Customize #Tag pages

Tag pages are dynamically generated. When saving a #tag, however, a new page gets generated for you to customise it.

Learn how they work

Create and manage Campaign pages

The P4 Campaign features allow the creation of uniquely branded pages within the P4 architecture. learn how to customise, import and use them to win campaigns

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Create Evergreen pages

An Evergreen page is a template we use for organisational information. Learn its features and how to use it to its full potential.

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Publish, schedule or restore

Learn how to publish, schedule a post or a page for future publication, or restore a previous version of a post or a page.

Exercise: Create and publish a post

This will help you practice creating a post on Planet 4!


Manage comments

Comments are available in posts only. Learn who can post and how to approve them.

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Understanding the difference between posts and pages starts with a truly solid grasp of how Planet 4 navigation works. If you haven’t already, have a look at our starter material on navigation first!

Navigate me


We have built Planet 4 to be completely customizable. On pages, you have the ability to use what are called blocks. They make layout easy. We have some best practices and samples!

Understanding Blocks



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