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  • Digital Cleanup Tool
    14 September 2023

    In the spirit of cleaning up digitally, it would be useful to have a sort of tool that spots if an image isn't being used anywhere on the site. Over…

  • Clap / Likes / … for blogs
    2 December 2020

    A way to show you like a blog post without commenting; Likes. Or like on Medium with "Claps". To visually show how many people like an entry, without having to…

  • Planet 4 “Dark Mode”
    18 May 2020

    Many websites now offer a "dark mode". Basically, it lets the user choose if the website is bright, or rather darker. The idea behind is that it's less bright on…

  • Allow videos in Page backgrounds
    25 June 2019

    I'd like the option to put videos on the background of pages. I believe this could be an engaging added value. For example, on an act page, it'd be cool…

  • Allow to easily change the order of items in Carousel Header
    3 April 2019

    WAS : "Allow to easily change the order of items in Carousel Header/Columns (and generally all blocks) - we did the last part but not the header" I'd like to…