A small release to finish the Take Action Boxout block revamp and to introduce new widths for larger screens (while team focuses on the deployment of the new navigation bar and country selector).

Features 🎩

  • PLANET-6450 – Migrate posts to use the Take Action Boxout block instead of the setting
    • As the Take Action Boxout block can now be placed anywhere in the post, the “Take Action Page Selector” setting at the bottom of the page has been removed!
    • Posts using the “Take Action Page Selector” have now the Take Action Boxout block placed by default at the end.
Block: Take Action Boxout

Include Call To Actions within posts and pages through a dynamic floating card!

Check it out
  • PLANET-6471 – Take Action Boxout: Align the way we upload/edit images with other blocks
  • PLANET-6091 – New breakpoint XXL
    • Alignment on spacing and sizing on extra extra large screen ≥1920px ≥1600px Grid options:
      • # of columns: 12
      • Gutter width: 1.5rem (.75rem on left and right)
      • Container max-width: 1320px

Bug Fixes 🐞

  • PLANET-6490 – Blocks that use code splitting not rendered in preview mode unless the post had the block before edits
  • PLANET-6486 – Footer: Hover on social media icons is not working properly
  • PLANET-6430 – Carousel Header: CTA button is not editable in Safari