Allow users to have complete control over which cookies they accept in your P4 sites. 

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Current release brings to the websites the new optimized cookies bar, which, according to the A/B test the team run, should increase the number of users accepting the cookies in our websites. Also, for the Engaging Networks form, the check boxes allow for a conditional response.

Release v2.6

Design and UX Improvements 🎩

  • PLANET-3749 Iterate Cookies bar (resized version) 
    • Not a long time ago, the design team performed some A/B testing on a new cookies bar and they investigated how we could increase the percentage of users accepting the cookies in our websites. Based on the findings, the design team worked with a larger and slightly darker cookies banner, especially revamped for desktop screens. Starting with this release, changes are visible in the desktop versions of your sites.
    • Have a look below to see the difference.

Engaging Networks Customizable Forms

  • PLANET-4060EN Form: Check boxes should allow for a conditional response
    •  The checkboxes on the currently EN Form operate independently of each other. There are times when this would be OK, but for
      the GPI Opt-in this is not the correct behavior. The following changes have been implemented:


      • In the Engaging Networks form editor add a Dependency field for checkboxes field type ONLY (see screenshot “checbox_editwindow.png”)
  • The dependency field text should be: “Only enable if following field is checked: ” + dropdown showing all checkboxes field names
    • If dependency field is filled in, then it will follow condition: enable [checkbox2] only if [checkbox1] is ticked
    • If dependency field is filled in, then the dependent checkbox will be shown greyed out , until condition is met.

Bug Fixes 🐛

  • PLANET-4184Remove external link icon in Buttons
    • The icon to indicate external link is embedded in texts. This should not happen in Buttons, only in texts.
    • In both current and Gutenberg UI, we disables the external link icon of these blocks:
      • Articles
      • Carousel header
      • Columns
      • Covers
      • EN Form
      • Happy Point
      • Split two columns
      • Take Action Boxout
  • PLANET-4185Search: Close Filter selections
    • When refining my Search results and want to remove a filter, I expect to find an icon 
      to indicate that I can close/remove the search filter term. The ‘close’ icon was no longer visible.
    • This has been fixed and the ‘close’ icon is visible again.
  • PLANET-4241CPP: Page Header Fields and background image are not displaying on front-end
    • When building a Campaign page and populating the Page Header Fields neither the content or background image used are displaying on the front-end

Back end

Front end