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Block: Spreadsheet + Table

Create in-page tables or embed responsive Google Spreadsheets in your P4 posts, pages and campaigns.

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The current release brings a Search bar for the Spreadsheet block and the Columns block CTA is now following the main style of the CTA buttons. Also, some bug fixes and tech improvements.

Release v2.21 (26.02.2020)

📣  New features

  • PLANET-4759 – Spreadsheet block: Show Search bar / Column sorting in posts

🎩 Design and UX

  • PLANET-4747 – Campaigns: Columns block CTA now follows main CTA style
  • PLANET-4746 – Campaigns: Remove EN form background overlay from Climate theme

🐛 Bug Fixes

  • PLANET-4753 – Featured image not showing in Latest Updates (Articles Block)
    • The Featured image was not visible on some cases in the Articles Block. This was a bug caused by a legacy “lazy-loading” code. This now has been fixed and all featured images are displayed properly.
  • PLANET-4768 – EN Form Block: Not all forms are listed when editing block
    • There was a limit of 10 form in the EN Form Block settings, hiding forms on the NROs that had more than 10. We completely removed that restriction and now all forms will be visible.
  • PLANET-4773 – Prevent certain export files from being huge
    • In some cases exporting a Campaign page was creating a huge xml file, that was very hard to send and import. This was caused by a bug that was filling up the xml with a lot of image metadata.

🛠️ Tech improvements

  • PLANET-4626 – Update master-theme test configuration to match plugins
    • Our master-theme test configuration was left behind after the Gutenberg transition. It’s now updated to what we already use for our plugins. This will help us test better our master-theme future code.
  • PLANET-4740 – CSS: Remove :not(#hidecookie) rule
    • This was a very explicit CSS rule on our styleguide, used by the Cookie bar. The fix made the rule more implicit. It also fixes a minor animation glitch when a user clicks “OK” to dismiss the notice.
  • PLANET-4749 – Investigate: Adding content type to P4 All sites usage spreadsheet
    • We already have an internal report to aggregate Blocks usage on all NROs. This changes adds number of different content types (pages, posts, campaigns). This will give a better overview of the content created by NROs and help us make more informed data-driven decisions in the future.