In the current release, we fixed the authors’ bios, which were not fully visible on posts, but only on authors’ pages. We also fixed the bottom vertical space into the EN form block, which was off.

Also, we created the UI for the Whatsapp share button and added a new parameter ‘gPlatform’ to the dataLayer in order to attribute web traffic and digital engagement data to specific platform/systems used across the entire organization.

Release v2.27 (07.04.2020)

🎩 Design and UX

  • PLANET-4906Create UI for Whatsapp share button
    • As a short term solution to the share button requirement it was decided to add a Whats App button. This will take the number of buttons on a page to four – Twitter, Facebook, mail and WhatsApp.
    • The team had to make sure it would follow the best practice behavior.
      • On XL, L and S templates there is enough horizontal space to add a WhatsApp button. However, on a M template there is not enough space. We should replicate the layout of S for M so the buttons sit below the title.
    • The team also made sure there is tracking added to the button, through dataLayer.
The four sharing buttons preview on Mobile screens
The four sharing buttons on L size screens

📣 P4 Campaign Generator (P4CG) improvements

  • PLANET-4820P4CG – Footer color should not be applied when “Main website navigation” is selected
    • When an editor was selecting first the “minimal navigation” with a background color (for instance red), the same background color will be applied automatically to the “default” footer background color.
    • But, if the editor would pick afterward the “main website navigation” and if the “default” footer background color theme was still selected, the footer background color would not change as expected and would not override the previous footer background color set. It was still red.
    • The expected behavior for this feature should be the following: When user selects “Main website navigation”, the footer field should not be used/read. And it should follow the same color as main website navigation.

📊 Data and Analytics

  • PLANET-4858Add a new parameter ‘gPlatform’ to the dataLayer
    • In order to attribute web traffic and digital engagement data to specific platform/systems used across the entire organization, a new parameter [gPlatform] was added to the dataLayer.push (on all Planet 4 pages).
    • The value should always be ‘Planet 4’

🐛 Bug Fixes

  • PLANET-4846EN Form: Bottom vertical space is off
    • The vertical space below the submit button was gone for the EN form.
  • PLANET-4779Author bio: Not visible on Post
    • The Author bio was not visible anymore on Posts. It was only until the user would click on the author and redirected to the author page to be able to see it in full.
Full bio was not available anymore in posts

Full bio was available only on author’s page