Release v2.34 brings a couple of changes in terms of functionalities – migrating the EN form plugin as a block to Blocks plugin, preventing sync of non-pdf attachments to Elastic Search -, data tracking – implementing data attributes on Columns Block and adding CSS variables for common child theme overrides – and design and UX and UI – P4 message board on all sites dashboard, reset the colors palette for P4, apply some typography across all P4 blocks.

💡 Functionalities

  • PLANET-5190Update and re-enable EN Form acceptance tests
    • EN Form tests were disabled during Gutenberg transition. We now re-enabled the tests and considered the changes in syntax because of Gutenberg change
  • PLANET-5151Migrate the EN Form plugin as a block to Blocks plugin
    • Migrate the Backend EN form settings (backbone js/form builder module) from the current EN blocks plugin to Blocks plugin
  • PLANET-5293EN Form: Make “Goal” field mandatory
    • “Goal” field is now mandatory
    • Displaying — Select Goal — as the placeholder
  • PLANET-4987Prevent sync of non-pdf attachments to ElasticSearch
    • Currently we already filter out all attachments that are not a pdf in the search query. However these are still synced to the ES cluster by the ElasticPress plugin, even though they are never used. This increases the size of the ES index which affects performance of queries. This size issue is aggravated by the fact that attachments sometimes have a lot of duplicate garbage data.

🎩 Design and UX

  • PLANET-4818P4 message board on all sites dashboard
    • We inserted customised, P4-branded, sticky messages on top of WordPress Dashboards, exactly where now plugin updates messages appear.
    • This could be useful to remind users about important P4 updates or deadline, point them to specific handbook supporting Documentation or just pass on important information.
  • PLANET-5036Reset the colors palette for P4
    • Currently we have a file in our styleguide which defines around 121 colors, of which 57 are unused, and 64 are actually being used. We made some changes to actually reduce that list to the 64 colors that are currently being used.
  • PLANET-5080Apply same typography across all P4 blocks
    • Made sure that the Gutenberg native blocks follow the same responsive font rules. 
  • PLANET-5116Fix all the remaining vertical spacing issues.
    • Check all P4 & Native blocks based on the vertical spacing values.

📊 Data and Analytics

  • PLANET-5114 Adding css variables for common child theme overrides
    • From time to time we experience regressions in child themes when we make changes to css selectors and/or markup. The issue is usually that css selectors in child themes suddenly don’t apply anymore because we increased specificity of our selector (e.g. we added a class). But also the opposite can happen where a css selector in a child theme starts applying to more elements than intended.
    • Most of these css rules in child themes could easily be replaced with css variables. That would guarantee that the same rule is applied, as the child theme wouldn’t need to specify a new rule to make changes, they can just provide the desired value of the variable.
  • PLANET-5199Implement data attributes on Columns Block
    • Implement a set of new data attributes on the Columns Block with standard values. These will be used later to trigger events and define its category, action and label.

🐛 Bug Fixes

  • PLANET-5203Enhanced mobile donate button causing a few rendering problems
    • The newly-launched enhanced donate button is causing a few issues. If the user scrolls down the page and back up again a few times, the following bugs appear:
      • 1.  the button seems to keep re-rendering, instead of hiding/showing one element
      • 2. The rendering of the page seems to stall out (images load slowly, page stopped from scrolling, etc), maybe because the DOM gets re-drawn when the new donate button is added?
      • 3. Something about this other issue also seems to break the menu
  • PLANET-5186 Spreadsheet block doesn’t appear on frontend after being saved.
    • Following a new realease including changes in the spreadsheet script, the block does not appear on frontend; the block appears or not depending on the user saving it.
  • PLANET-5285EN Form Block not firing gGoal dataLayer value
    • Some EN Form Blocks were not firing the correct gGoal in the dataLayer push when the user signs up.
  • PLANET-5231On PDF links remove External Link icon
    • Removed the ‘Leaving Site’ icon from PDF download links. Also make sure the PDF icon is the correct blue #0058CC

🛠️ Infrastructure

  • PLANET-4536Perfomance: reduce unused dependencies from bootstrap in code
    • Investigated the possibility of reducing the load size by improving the code coverage.
  • PLANET-5271Reduce cpu and memory requests for static chart
  • PLANET-5260Reduce cpu and memory requests for wordpress containers