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Highlight of release v2.41: the old caption style (blue overlay) has been removed for the Image and Gallery blocks. We also implemented localization support for translatable strings so please check to make sure most of the important strings are translated. And we also switched Gallery block to WYSIWYG.

Features 🎩

  • PLANET-4622Gallery Slider – Remove the blue caption style
    • Follow the medium style caption (the ones shown in attachament), the one that we offer with Image block
  • PLANET-5526Add noindex meta tag for “No Results” Search page
    • Added a meta tag to ensure that the “No Results” page is exclude from search bots.
  • PLANET-5377Implement localization support for js file translatable strings on frontend & backend
    • We generated new json files to be sent to the frontend since moving to WYSIWYG created the need for new translations
  • PLANET-5538Use h1 for the Search Results title
    • Change the title from h2 to h1
  • PLANET-5482Provide a way of rolling back Production to the previous release
    • Added a rollback pipeline for production on all NRO sites and a script to be triggered on an NRO-level.
  • PLANET-5527Counter Block: Add eventListener for developing realtime counters
    • Added an eventListener to the counter block which in turn executes the calculateRemaining. This way, NROs can develop instantly updating counters.
  • PLANET-5497Remove ‘caption style’ picker from the Image block
    • Removed the “Caption Style” selector from Image block.
  • PLANET-5485Rewrite Image Archive to use hooks instead of classes

Bug Fixes 🐛

  • PLANET-5563Prevent Flash Of Invisible Text
    • Add the &display=swap parameter to the google fonts urls
    • Check if preload tag on the fonts has any negative impacts, if not add it
  • PLANET-5562Split 2 Columns: Ampersand sign is displayed as html entity on frontend
    • An & sign is displayed as its htmlentities on the frontend version of the Split 2 Columns block, for the title (left column) and the tag (right column) of the block.
  • PLANET-5374Titles should not be in the new GP Link Blue. Review CTA links.
    • Make sure all titles are #020202, underline on roll over
    • CTA links should be #006DFD and follow the css darken rule on roll over
  • PLANET-5373 Remove the “by” string in Articles / Posts
    • Removed the “by” string from the templates
  • PLANET-5468Columns block: Huge image on the 4th column
    • 4th Column should be either in the same row or at least not span in full width
  • PLANET-5465EN Form: Rogue space appearing at top of page
    • Using the EN Form block at the top of the page and having the “Hide page title” box checked results in an empty space appearing at the top of the page behind the Menu. This was fixed.

Infrastructure 🛠️

  • PLANET-5543Upgrade cloudsql proxy for new K8 APIs – dev and prod
  • PLANET-5521Update all Autoscaler and Deployments to new API version for wordpress chart
  • PLANET-5518Update k8 cluster to 1.16 – development
  • PLANET-5447Document setting up ‘maintenance pages’ in the P4 cluster
  • PLANET-5578 Add oauth for github to sonarqube
  • PLANET-5576Update NewRelic in prod and add kube state metrics to chart
  • PLANET-5565Update E2 & Commitment pricing for Oct and add summary
  • PLANET-5531Upgrade Prometheus in Dev due to k8 1.16 update
  • PLANET-5520Update to new 1.16 v1 API versions for static chart
  • PLANET-5338Delete manual deployment of kube-state-metrics in dev & prod
  • PLANET-5275Add a pa11y CI job for testing accessibility regressions
  • PLANET-5557Add authentication for Docker Hub images on app/NRO repositories
  • PLANET-5484Use github releases to save built assets