The current release has a couple of security improvements, some modifications around the Campaign themes and some bug fixes, related to a 404 error for external link and PDF link icons and one related to the Social Media blocks which were overlapping in the backend when used multiple in a row with different alignments.

🎩 Features

  • PLANET-5948 – Improve Security headers on
  • PLANET-6363 – Remove legacy themes
    • If they are not needed anymore, we can remove all code related to the old themes (= lots of CSS).
    • Remove the old version from the dropdown, and remove the “(new)” suffix on the new version.
    • Some themes (“Arctic”, “Antarctic”, and “Oil”) were not converted because they’re not used by any live content, these are also removed. In the unlikely event that someone was about to use one of these, we can still create a new version for them.
  • PLANET-6362 – Switch all production campaign pages using a theme to the new version
    • Since we currently don’t have many pages using a theme in total, this can be done manually for each page by the Planet 4 theme.
    • Choose the corresponding new version in the dropdown and save the page.

🐞Bug Fixes

  • PLANET-6267 – Fix 404 error for external link and PDF link icons
    • When there are external links or PDF links in a page, there are console warnings for a 404 error when trying to load the icon files from the master-theme. The icons still show on the page though.
  • PLANET-6239 – Blocks with alignment overlap in the backend
    • When using two Social Media blocks one after the other in a post, one with alignment to left and one with alignment to right, they will overlap in the backend and make it difficult for the editor to work with them.

🔧 Infrastructure

  • PLANET-6339 – Update dev & stage DNS names for storytelling
  • PLANET-6329 – Update dev and stage DNS hostnames for
  • PLANET-6312 – Update dev & stage DNS hostnames for handbook