In this release, we continued the conversion to WYSIWYG with the Take Action Boxout block, we implemented Google’s consent mode, fixed the timeline block in multilingual sites and the alignment in posts.

🎩 Features

  • PLANET-6307 – Upgrade to WordPress 5.8
    • We were running on 5.6. So this is a two major versions upgrade, straight to 5.8. The team had to check if everything works as intended, especially the Gutenberg blocks.
  • PLANET-4812 – Convert Take Action Boxout to WYSIWYG
    • We converted the Convert the Take Action Boxout block to WYSIWYG.
      • Moved the Take Action PageLink URL, Open in a New Tab and Select Tags to the sidebar.
      • Converted the Title, Excerpt, and Link Text fields to RichText components
      • Turned the Image selector into a WP standard image selector
      • Created a follow up ticket for writing tests
  • PLANET-6306 – Upgrade PHP to 7.4
    • Currently using php 7.3 to production (and everywhere), which has EOL at 06.12.2021. Upgrading to 7.4 should be straightforward and it would give us one more year of security updates till WordPress is 100% ready for php 8.
  • PLANET-6223 – Implement Google’s Consent Mode
    • One of the recommendations from the GDPR & Cookies 2021 investigation is to apply Google’s Consent Mode on Planet 4.

🐞 Bug Fixes

  • PLANET-6425 – Timeline block is not working on localized pages
    • The timeline block was not working in multilingual sites – this is now fixed.
  • PLANET-6141 – Posts: Image / captions alignment
    • Editors were unable to centre images that are smaller than full width. The image remained flush left yet the caption appears centered.
Take Action Boxout

Include Call To Actions within posts and pages through a dynamic floating card!

Check here!