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Block: Carousel Header

Display several photos on a scrolling carousel for the home page

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A P4 webbie-focused release! Thanks to your ideas, P4 is becoming more flexible than ever! The Block: Carousel Header now allows a full width carousel slider, sort of a “classic Greenpeace” slider. Also, #Tag pages can now be customized, allowing you to choose another page other than the default #Tag aggregator.

Release v1.42 (12/2/2019)

The new style (“Full width classic”) allows you to insert a carousel spanning across the full page width using a classic look: big slides, fade transition, and no sub-headers.

Community requests & improvements 🇺🇳

  • PLANET 3172 – Tags redirection (IdeaMake #tag pages editable
    • It is now possible to choose a custom page created for a specific tag and show that page instead of the automatically generated tag page. If no Redirect page is selected then tag will redirect to the automatically generated tag page.
    • To customise your #Tag page:
      1. Create your new awesome tag page
      2. Go to your existing #Tag page and select “Edit Tag
      3. Click on “Redirect page”, select your new page and hit “Save”!
  • To change back to the original #Tag page, go to the Tag Edit mode and don’t select any page (see below)
  • PLANET 3188 – Add dataLayer event and variables to the Form Block (Data)
    • This change is visible only in the backend and will allow to better analyse conversions from the Block: EN Form. This specific DataLayer event extracts from which P4 page signup happened and (if applicable) to which campaign the form is related to
  • PLANET 3157 and PLANET 3022 – MENA: Right-to-left image carousel button and center search icon (UX)
    • Adaptations of our new Block: carousel Header and P4 theme to the Right-to-left Arabic alphabet
P4 is now fully supporting Arabic right-to-left alphabet, for the Middle East and Northern Africa (MENA) version

Bug Fixes 🐛

  • PLANET 2364 – Search: Don’t display ‘Show 5 more’ button when there are less than 5 results (bug)
    • ‘Show 5 more’ button on search result was displayed even when no more results were available. That’s been fixed now and the button won’t show up anymore if there are no more results to show.
  • PLANET 3201 – Submenu block: Fix ordering of columns vs rows (bug)
    • Heading anchors in Block: Submenu where displayed columns vs rows (heading displayed filling each column down first) and now the order was inverted to rows vs column (heading displayed filling each row horizontally first).
  • PLANET 3189 – Columns Block: Description not appearing in “Icons” style (bug)
    • The Block: Columns is now displaying a description of the block below the block title and above the icons.
  • PLANET 3178 – Gallery block: Description field not displaying (bug)
    • Description field below Block: Gallery title was only displayed when ‘3 column’ style was selected but now when ‘Grid’ or ‘Slider‘ style were selected. This has been fixed and now the description is showing regardless of the style of block selected.
  • PLANET 3169 – Tasks block: description and button misaligned on Mobile (bug)
    • Styling issue was only present on mobile and has been fixed now.
  • PLANET 3158 – Explore page spacing off after split two col block (bug)
    • Styling issue fixed