When we create landing pages or stories, there’s often a need to get feedback from colleagues that aren’t editors on the website.

It would be very useful if we could share previews of drafts with them, without allowing full edit/publishing access.

Possible solutions would be:
– to create a user role that can preview drafts
– generate an obfuscated link that shows the preview without login (less secure) – See this plugin for ex

Jira ticket >> PLANET-6142

At GP CH we’ve solved this in the meantime by adding an additional user role in WordPress. People with that role can view (including preview links) and edit content, but they can’t publish anything. For us it’s mainly for users that work on campaigns, but aren’t essentially used to working with WordPress. By taking away their publishing rights, we ensure no content gets published accidentally

This idea is related to the idea “Have pages visible only to people with the link (restricted access)


  • 🙌  – 8 (from 3 to 11)
  • 💚  – 1
  • 🤔  – 0


💡 Idea meeting outcomes – February 2021 – It’s a GO ✅

There were mixed feelings towards the approach. It’s generally a go, but based on actual assessment of the work required (based on CH / post preview plugin). The P4 team needs to provide an estimate on how much it would take, then roll it out.

Important to evaluate the actual use after 6 months, to assess whether users are happy with that or need change.. 


RECAP from Community feedback:  A “viewer”  user role for unpublished content would be very much welcomed and help editors’ lives. Concerns about quality of the previews VS live page. 
Clear use case, would simplify a lot editors’ lives 

– Ideally simple solution, could be a new permission

– Most ppl voted this over the previous idea!  in favour! Esp in Africa, we have multi-country campaigns and this would make things easier. 

– Good success in December voting session 🙌  8 /  💚  1 / 🤔  0

  • Permissions’ complexity? 
  • Too much power to editors/ admin? 
  • Concerns about quality of the previews VS live page
P4 tech team gut-feeling recommendation → We could add a new role (eg. viewer). Users with this role would be able to see all posts (even previews). We should also confirm that this use case is not covered already by the native Contributor role (who can edit/delete their own posts only). Overall Medium complexity.